About Crash

This is an intensive communal event in which relationships and lasting networks are built and a strong and resilient emerging artist community is developed.

Each day begins with a talk from a relevant expert speaking about how they have survived in the art world. Topics include: money, ethics, engaging with communities, building art-spaces & technological innovation. Participants are then free to use their new environment, community, and expertise to begin building work- collaboratively or alone- which will develop throughout the week. Each day concludes with a communal meal and time to discuss and reflect on the day’s progression.

All documentation is then uploaded to this website to be shared with artists everywhere.

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Target A: Us

This residency tackles how to forge a career as an artist. Doing it for ourselves. By pulling together we can work out how to access old ways and carve out new ways of earning a living as an artist. Heads together, this is the time for a plan of action. Each day of the event features a different expert sharing their experience and helping us towards a sustainable, ethical, and forward-thinking art community.

Target B: Everyone Else

This is a socially-engaging residency. We make work which has a direct, positive impact on its audience. We are looking for artists who are interested in using art as a tool to create change; artists who understand- or want to understand- the nature of true collaboration, the importance of their audience, and the importance of sharing control between themselves and the people for whom they make work.




In this clip from her talk at Crash 2016 Kerry Morrison, co-founder of In-Situ talks about her experiences from early in her career as an artist and gives some tips on how to survive and thrive in the years after leaving art school.


Joe Fletcher Orr, founder of Cactus Gallery in Liverpool and emerging conceptual artist talks to Crash 2016 about his experiences since leaving art school.


Thiago Hersan, artist in residence at UK’s leading media-arts centre FACT talk to Crash 2016 being an artist with a background in physics, using futuristic technologies in installations around the world.



Crasher Profiles

Alex Ware

Alex Ware, one of the Crash 2016 emerging artists in Residence tells us about his performative sculpture “Interactive Embellished Constructions”.

Alex: “Using found building materials from around the mill, I hope to create conversations about materials and embroidery. The viewer is invited to collaborate with the piece through reconstruction and embellishment.
My crash experience has allowed me to collaborate with my fellow artists; challenge my ideas about social engagement and ethical practice and develop as a thinker and artist.”

Alice Weber

Alice Weber, one of the Crash 2016 emerging artists in Residence tells us about choreographing in response to the derelict mill at Brierfield.

Jin Bells

Jin Bells, one of the Crash 2016 emerging artists in Residence tells us about his performance artwork “Puddle Piece”.


ALICE WEBER – “A Vulnerable Pace”

“A piece that draws out a femininity of the building that has been lost in it’s decline. Silhouettes drip through the space in a pedestrian formation that gradually loses it’s coherency, leaving a lone woman. Dressed only in a red nightgown, her movements are a raw response to a freezing, vast environment.

It is a call to the power of the mill and the vulnerability of the individual, or perhaps the vulnerability of the mill, too.”

ALICE WEBER AND JIN BELLS – “Binoculars Piece 2013-16”

A collaboration between Crash 2016 emerging artists in residence Alice Weber and Jin Bells, “Binoculars Piece 2013-16” attempts to respond to the mill and the town of Brierfield itself, seeking to both bridge these two places and express the artist’s own impulsive feelings towards the mill.

ANT HAMLYN – “Light a Candle for Brierfield”

“The work explores a quiet moment of reflection, in which five firework candles are lit and allowed to burn out after 30 seconds.
Delicately illuminating several historical photographs taken from the inside of the mill.
You are invited to light a candle and enjoy you own moment of stillness.
Being a part of Crash 2016 has allowed some time to experiment and explore an amazing (though very cold) place.”

JANE LAWSON – “Nothing Whatever Must Be Clung To V”

“The fifth in a series of floor paintings made by pouring ink or paint onto a floor; the title refers to the necessity of not being attached to any fixed outcome but being open to the possibilities that reveal themselves during this unpredictable process.”

ROWAN EASTWOOD – “I’ll Catch You When You Fall”

A piece by Rowan Eastwood, created in Brierfield Mill during Crash 2016.

“Working as a response to the past week with Crash. Allowing the building to dictate the work, with little influence from me.”



Joe Fletcher Orr
Joe Fletcher Orr
Founder of altenative art-space- Cactus. Recent Graduate.
Kerry Morrison
Kerry Morrison
Environment Artist and Ecologist.
FACT- Thiago Hersan
FACT- Thiago Hersan
Researcher-in-residence at FACT, the UK’s leading media-arts centre
Paul Kelly
Paul Kelly
Communities Empowerment Manager – previously Liverpool Biennial, Liverpool Housing Action Trust, now Community Gateway Association.
Kwong Lee
Kwong Lee
Artist and Director of Castlefield Gallery, Manchester.