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January 12th, 2016 Posted by BLOG, DAY04 No Comment yet

An early start in the mill gave us the time to get straight into our projects.

Somewhat odd, not having had a talk to get us think; I felt a little lost getting started.  I decided to think about how I want to display my work in the exhibition on Saturday.  I think the best way to get my idea and process across would be to document my construction when people are interacting with it during my workshop.  I spoke to Ben and he suggested taking some footage of it – an exciting thought after seeing how beautifully he filmed Alice’s and Jasper’s pieces.


The most interesting part of the day was chatting to Kerry about In-Situ’s faculty program for local artists.  It sounds like an amazing opportunity – somewhat like Crash, but more structured and long or with the chance to work in Blackburn and have more of a longer impact.


January 12th, 2016 Posted by BLOG, DAY02 No Comment yet

I managed to wake up feeling a lot more refreshed this morning / evening, braving the freezing showers.  A talk from recently graduated Joe Fletcher Orr gave me inspiration— how to get started in the art world.  His work has a humorous approach to art I found rather enjoyable.  Hearing about how to approach and work with collectives and galleries was insightful, being from a design background.  Getting to the mill we were allowed to get kick-started on our work, so I headed straight for the skip / rubbish part round the back.


I got started on collecting pipes of different colours, lengths and textures; sort of developing an idea of playing around which 3D construction and ways of challenging traditional ways of embroidery.  I’m going to use found objects and embellish with bought and found materials: playing with the contrast of hard; robust; recycled free objects, with tacky / shiny textile trimmings which I pre-bought.
As I played around my ideas started to happen about how I can make my sculpture more engaging and interactive with the viewer or how I can invite my fellow artists to work collaboratively with me.  I think I’m going to allow the piece to be changeable; ask people to rebuild it how they feel.


January 6th, 2016 Posted by BLOG, DAY01 No Comment yet

Ethical Choice? “The choice is your decision be sure before you plant “ read the text which covered a packet of Himalayan Balsam seeds, handed to us by Kerry during a talk about ethical practice.

Giving us a choice of whether to take the seeds or not. Do we plant them or not? Do we choose to be ethical? Do we care? Can what we believe to be ethical be different to what someone else believes to be ethical?

I think if you want to engage with the community of an environment you have to consider it to be the most important issue. Perhaps you have to ask yourself why? Why are you doing the work? What do you want people to understand?

Looking around the mill my eyes picked out the bright colours of building site. Bright orange pipes, yellow tape, blue cords set against the dull stone of the industrial mill. A heaven for found objects, I’m thinking of ideas of maybe creating embellishments onto pipes and so on. Maybe collaborative work with the others? Maybe working collaboratively and creating conversation between ourselves and the mill can be part of the work?

Although I don’t want to set my sights on a location this early, I have been drawn to the bridge overcrossing the train tracks and this weave production room Kerry mentioned as that half of the bridge isn’t owned by anyone— a sort of none / free space with huge importance in that it allows a crossroad between the town and the mill. It’s calling out to be decorated!

My natural love of textiles made the weave production room sign catch my attention. Maybe I can try to research the history of the room and try a bit of weaving.