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January 12th, 2016 Posted by BLOG, DAY04 No Comment yet

…Blue plaques appeared like jewels in different rooms across the mill building commemorating the now anonymous people who once worked there…

…The only specific blue plaque is for Paul – site manager – and is situated after you come across the little bridge into the main building.  Paul is the custodian of the narrative of the mill, as well as its maintenance.

The blue plaques are part of the emerging proposal for the footbridge.

The commemorating of the town and its people on the fabric of the bridge as an immersive experience – nominated by the community.

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I could not have predicted what this day would bring….Paul Kelly gave a presentation on his work in Housing, Communities and Art.

This was a lightbulb moment for me. Several ideas/concerns/solutions/possibilities aligned to create the seed for a potentially great project.

Paul is originally from Derry, Northern Ireland, so we talked for some time about the city, as that is also my home town. I have in recent years been trying to conceive a project in Derry. Listening to Paul today, it became clear what I could do. I want to initiate a creative community centre in my granny’s old house in the city centre. This would be a space for the local community, artists and anyone who wishes to utilise its facilities.

This is quite an emotional prospect for my family and I, but it would be wonderful to breath life back into the building that has witnessed Derry’s history over the last 100 years. I urgently need to get on with forging links, researching possible funding and how to access it.

I am excited (a little daunted) but mostly excited!


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What have I been doing with my life?!!

Joe Fletcher Orr, a recent graduate, gave a presentation this morning on his personal practice and experience of running an exhibition space for fellow artists. He is prolific.

He has consistently been invited to take part in exhibitions, and has also worked tirelessly to publicise his own work and that of others. He gave a useful insight and provided tips on how to make this happen for ourselves. He is un-precious in many ways. Happy to instigate concepts and contract the production or making of the work, if appropriate, to others.

Having pitched my initial idea for painting the bridge, it is unfortunately, unviable. It is not entirely a TAZ space, but is in fact the responsibility of network rail. Therefore realistically this could present a problem.

Kerry (in-situ) has suggested that I use this opportunity to learn how to write a funding proposal for the footbridge, to the Arts council/network rail etc, as she has always intended to do this at some point and is very experienced in this area (I am not!). Perfect, as I have been making videos of footbridges, staircases and other thresholds recently, so this feels like a natural progression, and affords the opportunity for others to become involved, including/ and most importantly the local Brierfield community. Again, perfect.

Having purchased the paint already, I will scout a location in the mill, for a possible painting.