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Lecture, Thiago Herson

FACT Lab, Liverpool

Artist in residence

Was an engineer

Astrovandalista collective, Mexico




Poetic/thinking beautifully

Humour/gentle gesture

The biggest camera flash in the world

The project today

Today I changed my work slightly. I did take it apart completely but I reused the materials and documented the old buildings with photography and made other buildings. However, I spoke to Paul, the Grounds Keeper,  again about the fox in the Mill and he told me that the Mill is also occupied by a sparrow hawk. Now I have made three buildings for the tenants of the Mill: the fox, the rabbit and the sparrow hawk. I kept the wall I had made as a human sized looking building. Tomorrow I will make a building for the pigeon and maybe the insect/spider. Today I also began to make the viewing space at the garage to overlook the Mill court yard.

In collaborating with the other artists, I took part in Alice’s performance and helped Rowan with her work.



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Day two. Crash2016

Lecture with Joe Fletcher Orr

Cactus, the Royal Standard, Liverpool

Joe: not attached to own work so can sell it

Beginning the project

I decided to work in the back yard of the Mill. This seemed too good a location to be true: overloaded with materials, clear view of the Mill, the road, the hills and on the edge of the canal. I then  remembered that the back yard was clearly visible from the garage and car park above the Mil which is  accessible for the public. And so I began to build. By the end of the day I had made a narrative: a 3 foot tall brick building with a solid slate roof and an open window, a curved wall around the building and a made a fishing rod coming out of the open back of the building falling threw the wall and into a blue, found, bucket. When I climbed up to view the building from the garage above I realised that my sculpture was difficult to see as it blended into the back yard, but not impossible. Tomorrow I will make more buildings or narratives around the court yard and see the impact of the outcome, to make a world of visual poems within this place.




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Day one at the Mill and ethics in art.

Key words from the lecture:

Ethical framework

Social sciences have to full out an ethical framework but artists do not. Thought that this was important to think about because if there was something like this is wouldn’t necessarily restrict the work of artists but would artist as a career within society would be taken more seriously.

Human Ethics

Environmental Ethics

Ethical Art Practice : engaged persons or participants

Brought and helped by humans : introduced plants

Seeds : a future in your hands

Eco terrorist

False Narrative

“Because we are”

“How to shit in the woods”

“Burnt before flowering”

“Body garden”

“Harmonious work” Buddist

Housing Market Renewal

“Social Cleansing”


In the landscape

In the community

For humans

Brierfield Mill:

Primary employment

Brownfield sites

Mothball buildings


A temporary autonomous zone

Keep those roots activated




Artists: part of the bigger picture

Key thoughts from exploring the Mill


Northern history and character


12,000 employers left over night. Abandoned all possessions and equipment, keys

Broken glass

Space, structure, mirror, place

Green, blue

Brick, stone

Insects, spider, bee, moth, butterfly: death, trauma, trapped in glass windows

Anatomy: boob looking shape in curved pace in wall

Perfect gallery and corridor spaces


Collected old medical fabrics that were made in the factory

All local population has connection with factory

Warmth, wet, cold, dry



Looking glass






Grass, hay

None useful exits and entrances

These keys words show the beginning of what I witnessed or felt in the Mill but the life of the building and its recent ghosts feel instinctively familiar and at the end or today I began to make a dry brick wall around a pile of bricks in the outside of the building and took away with me two bandages, still in the pack, made 10 years ago in the Mill. The materials in and around the building are extensive and beautiful when taking care to look.