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Today was slightly different as we headed straight to the mill in the morning and continued with our projects immediately, which is great as there was longer in the natural light. I decided to edit a book page in the style of Tom Phillips, who creates new sentences by connecting words on a page and covering the other words with pen and drawings. I’ve been inspired by him for years but never worked in this way before, so I’m glad I tried something new for me as I enjoyed the process. I’ll probably use it as part of a floor tile collage or just leave it somewhere in the mill.

Using items found in my coat pockets I created a rough collage made out of train and tram tickets, receipts, post-it notes and other ephemera. I then attached this to a floor tile and further collaged on top with wood, pen, chalk and paper. I typically try to keep my pieces neat, polished and simple but in this dusty, wet, and old environment I think it’s more authentic to let the piece just happen and work quickly, creating compositions based on my initial gut reactions rather than spending lots of time considering every little detail and over-thinking it. I’m happy with what I’ve made and feel like I’ve learnt a lot about my practice.

Later on I got to participate in the mass movement performance again, organised by Alice. It was so much fun and I liked that we all made suggestions as to how it could be smoother or safer, working together to direct the piece.

The afternoon’s talk was brilliant, just really interesting because Thiago looks at topics I’ve not considered but that fascinate me. I will definitely look further into his work and the collective.

We left the library with the view to consider what we’ve learnt over the past week and what we’ll take away with us, particularly how we will approach developing our professional artistic careers.

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