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January 12th, 2016 Posted by BLOG, DAY04 No Comment yet

An old lady is taking Christmas decorations off the wall. People have such interesting faces.

I observe too much, eclipsing myself out of the scene. I might do that because of the social sciences. Participant observation. 


Need of connection


Mexico City

Military base



Diagrams, rocks, fossils



Contested space


It feels being back to my dissertation. Thiago was outstandingly clever and tactful and honest. It made me feel excited about the collective we want to set up. I miss Siri and Suneeta. One is in Norway, one is in Boston. I had a good chat with him about Sardinia and about how I was crossing the fences with the shepherds. It seems ages ago today but it is less than six months ago. 


Back to the Big Brother room, I questioned my identity. These guys seem have such a complete and formed personality. I wish I had made a project good enough, but it sounds stupid and patronising to me.  I am questioning everything. Who I am. What I want to do. 

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