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January 12th, 2016 Posted by BLOG, DAY04 No Comment yet

Unbelievable, so many projects are coming together today, its incredible to watch and be part of- particularly considering how sensitive and responsive so many of them are to the environment.


Trying to pin people down into solid ideas of where these projects could go next though… lots of really great talk but I just really don’t want it to end there. Could any of these projects be the beginnings of sustainable artworks, do any of these collaborations have futures as collectives, has this residency actually come up with any solutions to the problems facing emerging artists? 2 days to go… I know a week is not a long time to come up with any answers or even to realise the answers that we may have discovered, but I can’t help but think that similar conversations must be being had between emerging artists all the time, everywhere- through Crash I wanted to bring the people having those conversations together and then to find the next step. Action. I think that probably follows, once we’re done being cold, and knackered, and in the moment. Reflection, lasting contact.

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