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January 12th, 2016 Posted by BLOG, DAY04 No Comment yet

I had a fantastic night’s sleep and feel nearly rejuvenated. I also met my fourth cat of the week!


I’m very happy with how the first puddle – Nothing Whatever Must Be Clung To V – has turned out. My original plan was to try to create a white puddle and then pour black ink on it, but the beautiful white river valley with filigree edges is more than sufficient. Ben filmed it this afternoon; it’s fantastic to have an onsite film and photographer. Today he showed the films he’d made of Alice and of Jin Bells doing his puddle swap, they both looked great.


The second puddle contains some beautiful filigree areas – I’m not totally sure why the paint has separated and spread in this way, I expected it to create a more uniform whiteness, don’t know if it is to do with the dust particles in the water. There is one area which looks like an aerial view of streets on a waterfront. However as a whole it is less satisfying and the different types of marks don’t work as well together. Today I poured on some of the gloss; I wondered if it would separate or marble, but it has diffused much more than the water-based satin paint. One shape looks like a scorpion and one like a foetal dragon. It will be interesting to see how it develops overnight.


I also created a small and very minimal shrine to Sim/on/e, in one of the alcoves on the stairwell that used to have hot and cold taps. I think, from what Paul Fyles said the other day, that the hot was hot enough to make a cup of tea, so that the operators didn’t need to leave their stations to make a brew, but I may have misunderstood. I have cleaned the puddle below the shrine and plan to fill it with clean water as a protective moat. Which is a bit odds with Sim/on/e’s generally approachable nature, but I think will look good. It is possible that the moat will fill just from the drip, but if not I’ll use clean water from the rainwater butt.


I need to commune with Sim/on/e to find out whether s/he can be trigendered if s/he comes from Gethen – does being genderless for periods count as a gender? Clearly not; so maybe s/he can’t be from Gethen, which is a shame. Or s/he could be from a parallel Gethen where, when not in kemmer, inhabitants are hermaphrodite and asexual; this seems the best solution. I think Ursula would approve.


I’ve taken some photos with Tom’s camera but am not totally happy with them, so will aim to do some more tomorrow, as well as cleaning the rest of the steps down from Sim/on/e – although I’m not sure that anyone will see them, I still want them to  be clean.


My plan to reassign the rooms of the Mill will have to wait for another time.

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