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Lecture, Thiago Herson

FACT Lab, Liverpool

Artist in residence

Was an engineer

Astrovandalista collective, Mexico




Poetic/thinking beautifully

Humour/gentle gesture

The biggest camera flash in the world

The project today

Today I changed my work slightly. I did take it apart completely but I reused the materials and documented the old buildings with photography and made other buildings. However, I spoke to Paul, the Grounds Keeper,  again about the fox in the Mill and he told me that the Mill is also occupied by a sparrow hawk. Now I have made three buildings for the tenants of the Mill: the fox, the rabbit and the sparrow hawk. I kept the wall I had made as a human sized looking building. Tomorrow I will make a building for the pigeon and maybe the insect/spider. Today I also began to make the viewing space at the garage to overlook the Mill court yard.

In collaborating with the other artists, I took part in Alice’s performance and helped Rowan with her work.

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