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The Crash Final Event is on Saturday. You can visit us either on the Bridge facing the visitors’ Entrance Gate, the same gate that will lead you to the reception area where you could experience the FTZ, the Free Thinking Zone, or in the Garage, the first place where we saw the Mill on Monday. The site where this circle began, now ends and maybe re-begins.


This week has been a human experience, a live performance week. Walking, talking, watching, sharing, picturing, chatting, laughing, reflecting, exploring, feeling, experiencing, dancing, performing, carving, painting, engaging, documenting… In a few months, The Mill will evolve. That makes us some of the latest visitors to this place. As he hosted us during the week, we offer back our thoughts, reflections, ideas and engagement (cqfd1).

Through my work in the performing arts and my experiences this week I am now questioning the concept of documentation. How could we document a work – and by work I mean the sensation, the context, and the final piece? What do we want to share, remember and record? How long will we keep it?


If you want to know, come and visit us on Saturday at the Brierfield Mill!


1 CQFD : (FR) ce qu’il fallait dĂ©montrer.

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