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January 12th, 2016 Posted by BLOG, DAY02 No Comment yet

Today we had a talk from Joe Fletcher Orr about his work as artist and curator since graduating two years ago, very funny and honest and impressive. And lunch in the luxury of the warm library! No soup this time though but lots of cake.  These things are important.


I have scoped out some good puddles in the Mill for Nothing Whatever Must Be Clung To V. This is part of a series of ink floor paintings; the title refers to the fact the unpredictability of outcome when pouring the ink, and the importance of not being attached to a set outcome.  I plan to add floor paint to the existing puddles, part drain them and then pour ink on when they are dry; however I don’t know whether they’ll dry by the end of the week.


Paul Fyles talked me through a plan of the Mill room by room. A lot of what the Mill produced was cotton wool products, by the million. I had never thought about the mechanics of cotton wool production before, or the mechanics of bandage construction. I would like to relabel the rooms with their previous functions; I’d also like to assign different functions to the rooms (room seems the wrong word for such vast spaces) – a kitten-snuggling room, a cheese room, a racecourse…


Last night I did sleep for about half the night, and it actually felt like sleep rather than the alternation between full wakefulness and dreaming of the previous night. Tomorrow night, I get my own room in Burnley.

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